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An attic is a high-risk area in your home when it comes to mold growth. The simple reason behind this is the prevalence of humidity and the lack of ventilation. In most homes, attics are rarely used, which is why they are often left unfinished. Since unfinished attics do not have proper insulation to protect against weather elements and have naked plumbing pipes, there is ample moisture to make the attic an ideal spot for mold growth. Also, due to their constricting design and unnatural angles, most attics do not have windows that can open. Thus, fresh air cannot enter, and humidity cannot escape.

Atlanta Mold & Cleaning provides thorough mold removal and cleaning services, so your attic remains free of mold. Since we offer affordable solutions, you can get your attic treated on time, so the issue does not spread to other rooms in your home, leading to more widespread and costly repairs. Our experts have the required training and equipment to ensure that each project is carried out safely and effectively to eliminate the chance of health risks and future mold growth.

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