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Based in Atlanta, GA, Atlanta Mold & Cleaning serves local homeowners with quality air control and cleaning. Whether you are looking for mold and fungus removal, attic cleaning or even home remediation, we are here to help.

When it comes to mold in your home, you need the best of the best to ensure proper and safe cleaning and ensure that it does not come back. Atlanta Mold & Cleaning was built on the principles of trust and honesty, we are highly trusted as the most skilled and top-rated professionals to get the job done in a timely manner. We look at every job as if it were our own home and expect it to be treated as such.

Avoid mold, misery, and sickness this year, and hire mold removal experts to keep your home and family safe.

How Our Remediation Services Can Protect Your Home

As a fully licensed and insured remediation company, we can ensure that we will leave your home cleaner and healthier than we found it. Atlanta Mold & Cleaning will make sure that you can enjoy a more hygienic household, better health and a much more beautiful home. Mold and fungus removal can be extremely stressful, but we make it easy. Don’t leave your mold remediation to just anybody. Call us today at (770) 809-3726 to see how we can help you.

When you need mold remediation services for your home, you dont want to leave it to just anybody and risk the chances of not removing it all – or the chance of it coming back. Instead, contact Atlanta Mold & Cleaning services.



We offer a suite of cleaning services designed to enhance the health and well-being of those living in your home, while also maintaining the structure and integrity of the building.


We specialize in identifying and removing mold, ensuring a healthier living environment and preventing further property damage.


Our advanced air cleaning methods effectively remove dust, allergens, and pollutants, enhancing your home’s indoor air quality.


We use safe and effective techniques for drywall cleaning to preserve your wall’s appearance, while also tackling minor issues before they escalate.


We offer comprehensive home remediation services for damage caused by water, fire, or natural disasters, aiding in swift and efficient home restoration.

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Thorough Mold and Cleaning Services in Atlanta Serving Decatur and Dekalb County area.